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    5 design-by-yourself solutions to up your game

    5 design-by-yourself solutions to up your game

    5 design-by-yourself solutions to up your game

    If you need a quick design job for your social media, or maybe your business is at the start-up stage and you can’t hire a professional, or you simply feel like designing by yourself – just check out our selection of five design-by-yourself apps and keep it handy.

    1. CANVA

    Android / iOS

    This app has been an all-time favourite for non-designers. It’s incredibly easy to use, has a big variety of options and, most importantly – your final project looks quite professional! A lot of companies use Canva before hiring professional designers who can bring your visuals to the next level.

    > Note:
    If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, you can listen to an interview with a female founder of Canva – Melanie Perkins – on “How I Built This” with Guy Raz.


    WEB / Android / iOS

    Adobe’s products are the main tool for every professional designer, but it also has a number of free and easy apps that can be used by everyone. If you’ve been homeschooling your kids, like many of us, during the past year, you’ve probably seen them using Adobe Spark for their projects. Yes, it is that easy and it has various templates to choose from, especially if you sign up for the premium subscription. Available for mobile use as well, under the name: Adobe Spark Post.

    3. PICSART

    Android / iOS

    This app claims to be the best all-in-one photo and video editor on mobile. Stickers, filters and even handwritten fonts, plus a free graphic elements library. This app seems to do a great job -especially if its graphic aesthetics correspond with your brand.


    Android / iOS

    Ever happened to you – have you taken the best photo, occasionally with yesterday’s coffee mug in the background? This app can clean any mess from your table by retouching and removing unwanted elements, with just a tap of your finger.

    5. UNDRAW


    Free illustrations’ library on any subject starting with “stock prices” and “analytics”, finishing with “hacker mindset”, “walks in a park” and “social notifications”. Great for when you need an occasional illustration near your text and you don’t have a great illustrator nearby. Tip: you can easily change the main color (top right corner) of any illustration before to download it.

    > Note:
    Read our latest text about infographics, why you need them for your business and how we can help you with that.

    You can count on us at Design Clinic, when you feel like you need professional help with your visual representation. We have experience in transforming any caterpillar into a butterfly. We’re design professionals, here to help.
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