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    Design Clinic’s Top Infographic Design Tips

    Design Clinic’s Top Infographic Design Tips

    Design Clinic’s Top Infographic Design Tips

    Reading facts and figures on a page works for some but a whopping 65% of us are visual learners. The brain is wired that way; it processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. We need to see the facts for them to sink in. When it comes to marketing, digital or traditional, visual content works. This is probably why infographics are shared three times more than other content on social media. Infographic show us the facts, the data, all the boring stuff that your mind might otherwise gloss over in lovely visual form. We love them at Design Clinic, and have shared our top infographic design tips here:

    1. Know What You’re Talking About

    When it comes to visualising those facts, don’t just cut, copy, and paste: read the information and make sense of it. The first step we take is to get familiar with the brief and all of the information that needs to be visualized. If it’s a new industry, we do our research and get to know the industry. Knowing what we’re dealing with means we can be on the same page with our clients and can interpret their briefs better.

    2. Make it Brand Appropriate

    For an infographic to drive brand awareness, increase sales, or grow traffic, there has to be a visual identity consistent with the company’s brand guidelines. We tend to study the existing branding, colour schemes of the company, and previously used styles before coming up with any designs. If there is no branding or logos developed – we have to develop them first as they are super important.

    3. Show Don’t Tell

    If there are more words than necessary on the page an infographic won’t work. You might as well write in a letter and send it in the post. Clients might give us a brief with a lot of words and we cut it down to the absolute bare minimum. We want our infographics to make sense without the words.

    4. Get Creative

    Pie Charts, graphs, bar charts are great and all but most people working in offices can make a handy pie chart on excel or using free online tools. Clients don’t come to designers looking for something they can get Amanda down in accounts to whip up, they come to get something that works. We use illustration, and even animation, for fun infographics that look the business.

    5. Tell A Story

    Marketers know it’s all about the story. Facts are nothing if they’re not narrated to us from the beginning, through the middle, and to the end. Clients give us a load of data and we create a visual story out of it. The beginning is where we set out the problem or theme, the middle is all about that data, and the end is where we sum it up.

    Design Clinic specializes in infographics and we love doing them. We believe in the power of visualization of any type of information.
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