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    The Infographic and why you need it for your business

    The Infographic and why you need it for your business

    The Infographic and why you need it for your business

    One of the most common questions we get asked by clients is, what is an infographic? We describe the infographic as the most useful piece of visual design. Our brains process massive amounts of information every day – 90% of which is visual. We are wired to take information in better when it’s presented to us in the graphic form. With infographics you can visualise any event, phenomenon or process, highlighting only the important points and discarding everything unnecessary. They’re perfect for explaining complex processes or making big data digestible. In fact, infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than regular text and that’s why you need to use them in your marketing or as part of your teaching toolkit.

    Here’s just six examples of what we use infographics for at Design Clinic:

    1. DATA

    Being presented with a great long paragraph or packed excel sheet full of data can be overwhelming and the key points get lost. A great way to present any boring numbers is to visualise it in, yes you’ve guessed it, an infographic. Data graphics can highlight interesting statistics and illustrate the most serious of reports. We love making brank reports shine with infographics.

    2. MAPS

    Ever say to yourself, it’s a small world? Well you can make it smaller with an infographic. Map graphics are used by global companies to show their reach or by the media to show world statistics. At Design Clinic we use these to great effect for print and social media.


    Imagine trying to explain an algorithm to your 90 year old granny. We bet you could with an infographic. Algorithm graphics present a structure in a ‘customer journey’ or a ‘mind map’. It is a great way to illustrate that if you choose A it will lead to B. We have used Algorithm infographics to explain steps in the planning and engineering industries.


    Sometimes you need to offer your customers more than one thing: this or that or maybe even those. Comparison graphics can present two or more services, plans, products, events, or even concepts side by side to offer the customer a choice. If your brand is a bit cheeky, you could compare yourself to other products or businesses.


    Remember that food pyramid you were shown in school? The chocolate, ice cream and sweets sat at the top like a king and along the bottom we had our fruit and veg. This explained to us in simple terms that chocolate must unfortunately be eaten in moderation – we could eat it all day at Design Clinic. We regularly use hierarchy graphics for the food and health industries.


    When you combine the powers of animation and infographics you get an incredible superpower graphic. Animated infographic can stand alone as an animated image on your web-site or social media or we can turn it into an explainer video. This superpower graphic will create a memorable visual from your stats and reports and really it’s our absolute favourite, top of the class! The animated graphic is perfect for social media campaigns – we have seen it increase sales, gain followers and attract more attention than the static graphic.

    At Design Clinic we just love a good infographic – from our Incredible superpower graphic to our bank report data graphic. We can turn any word or excel document into an infographic that can explain the unexplainable and help your business, tech company, or startup achieve its goals.
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